New Instruments

We provide new Instruments from Biolytic Lab Performance for the Dr. Oligo range of Oligonucleotide synthesizers.

Dr. Oligo™ 96 /192

Dr. Oligo™ 96/192 is a High Throughput Oligo Synthesizer that synthesizes oligos in a 96 well plate format. The Dr. Oligo™ 96 synthesizers anywhere from 1 to 192 oligos at a time in lengths from 1 base to 150 bases.

The Dr. Oligo™ instrument is capable of synthesizing oligos longer than 150 bases however the reality of achieving usable oligos longer than 150 bases is more a limitation of the phosphoramidite chemistry. We have developed a highly reliable, very efficient high throughput oligo synthesizer and software that is focused on the needs of the production lab and the core facility. 

Our instrument is available with many innovative features  such as easy plate loading, Low User Maintenance, Low Volume Amidite Delivery Systems, Software Optimized for synthesizing variable length oligos and Software Features that allow optimization of protocols for any length oligos.